That is where every world champion had been crowned to date all the way up until we moved to the Camping World Stadium in Florida. I get that question a lot. The front clip is an old Jeep Willys and its black and blue. HIGH JUMP (in feet) Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice 45.472 Bakugan Dragonoid 45.3857 Monster Energy 45.3847 El Toro Loco Ice 45.124 Megalodon 43.996 Avenger 43.475 Max-D Fire 42.954 Wildflower DNC . OLu Track & Field. I love good country music, but the arena itself has really nice dirt in it and it’s a very large venue. I remember being in the bottom of the rig playing with my monster trucks. That would be cool. I’d want it to be some kind of spin off of Grave Digger – some kind of a pink or purple body that has the same Grave Digger paint scheme. It makes me so mad because there’s some people who pick it up right away. Shop the latest Engine Builder merchandise. Racing up Thunder Alley like that is the fastest racing that we do all year and it’s the most fun. There’s pressure from your own team, the fans and typically, the athletes themselves are their own biggest critics. However, Krysten Anderson is in a league all her own. When you put the helmet on, we’re competitors and it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy in the other lane against you, you don’t want them to win – you want to win. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. For a full list of record titles, please use our Record Application Search. Saturday, March 7 Earl Engman Relays: Orange Lutheran sweeps boys and girls titles at Earl Engman! “I was more into studio art – graphite on paper, acrylic on canvas kind of stuff. I hit it nice and square and then I came up in the air and the truck just kept climbing and climbing and climbing. I can be just as good as my dad and my brothers. We use cookies on this website. While Krysten is a much more accomplished driver today than she was, there are still stunts she struggles to perfect during shows. Log in sign up. There’s no female, there’s no male. “I’m a pretty talented artist,” she admits. User account menu. There’s Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Monster Mutt Rottweiler. “Event after event, weekend after weekend, so many failed attempts to get these complicated two-wheel tricks down. We have the trucks that look like dogs and they’re called Monster Mutt. My dad has created such a legacy and such an awesome career. Their truck is this futuristic-looking truck. “Monster Jam reached out to my dad and my dad told me about what they wanted to do. It’s just eyes on the prize. That’s what I decided to do.”. Krysten Anderson is the daughter of a former American professional monster truck driver, Dannis Anderson, who was the creator, team owner, and former driver of "Grave Digger" on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit. To this day, we still love to go out and watch races.”. I’m not nearly as flawless or as smooth as my brothers or some of the other senior, veteran drivers who know what they’re doing a little better than I do, but that trick was a thorn in my side for an entire year. WORCESTER — When Krysten Anderson accepted a Grave Digger invitation, she was helping keep a family tradition alive and well. Of course, you’re also in the city of Las Vegas, so that’s awesome. Krysten Anderson is the first and only female driver of Monster Jam’s famous Grave Digger monster truck as well as a Guinness World Record holder. “They were going to add another arena tour to the Monster Jam fleet and to our circuit. Krysten is now 23 and has been driving the Grave Digger monster truck for four years. Krysten is the daughter of four-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion and Grave Digger creator, Dennis Anderson. There’s a lot of people that work very hard to chase their dreams and become famous NASCAR drivers or monster truck drivers or whatever it is. When Krysten turned 18 and graduated high school, an opportunity opened up for her to become one of the Grave Digger drivers. Learning to drive one of these trucks is not an easy task. He called it the moonwalk – you balance the truck on its nose and you put it in first or reverse and ride it forward or ride it all the way backwards. Carl Van Horn is also in the lineup as a backup driver. I was brand new. Annie Giebelhaus breaks school record in high jump - jumps 5'8"!! ... Krysten Anderson in Grave Digger 5. I have had opportunities to create artwork for trucks in other motorsports. I think that another one of our cooler designs is some of our concept bodies. Krysten Anderson is a true triple threat. 32. Grave Digger Girl Krysten Anderson Monster Jam Monster Truck Arena Champion Driver - Duration: ... Monster Jam World Finals 20 XX HIGH JUMP COMPETITION - Orlando Florida 2019 … 300 Meter Hurdles. If you’ve never been to a Monster Jam event or seen highlights, driver’s today break the laws of physics at every show. We have two women sitting in world championship chairs right now and that hasn’t happened in over 20 years. You go into almost a Terminator mode where it’s no fun and games anymore. I always put an immense amount of pressure on myself anyways, and then on top of that, the fans put a lot of pressure on me too. Jump to. The females compete on the same platform, in the same competition, in the same trucks, with the same amount of time as the males doing the sport. Jack Burton (Mile Run and 2 Mile Run) Keith Nash (Pole Vault) 1979 . 4/23/19 - The following drivers have earned qualifying spots: Neil Elliot - Max-D Heavy D - Brodozer Bryce Kenny - Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Jimmy Creten - Bounty Hunter 4/25/19 - The High Jump competitors have been announced: Jim Koehler - Avenger Legendary Engine Builder Sonny Leonard Has Passed Away, Summit Motorsports Park Promotes Evan Bader to Track Manager, ARCA Menards Series 2021 Schedule Announced, Holley GM LT-4 Mid-Mount Accessory Drive System, Hilborn Big Block Chevrolet Intake Manifold Kits, Methanol Injected 427 Small Block Ford Engine, monster truck history or Monster Jam history. I had my eyes on the target and I hit the ramp perfectly. It’s definitely a family affair. She’s a talented artist, can serve up a mean plate of pancakes and, most notably, can handle the 12,000-pound Grave Digger monster truck with ease. Krysten Anderson can say she's been around monster trucks her whole life without exaggeration.. I was like, ‘Oh, this is big, this is big, this is big.’ It just kept climbing. Adam and Krysten are the son and daughter of Dennis Anderson. 1. u/RepliesNice at 5896 nices 2. u/Cxmputerize at 4362 nices 3. u/spiro29 at 4187 nices 1126. u/calvinlucas at 47 nices In high jump is Cynthia Gauthier. I think that it’s great that Monster Jam has created this space for us females to show the guys what we got and that we do belong here and that we are tough competitors.”. It’s a huge arena and it’s got even better dirt than Nashville. Krysten Ritter flexes her super hero power as she prepares to film scenes with co-star Mike Colter on set of Jessica Jones in NYC. 4/22/19 - With the help of his brother, Adam Anderson (Grave Digger) wins Stadium Tour 2. “It was rough for me. It’s got these big, silver, aggressive-looking spikes on it and it’s got this crazy 3D, mechanical monster coming out of the side of it. Krysten wants to add her name to that list of Monster Jam World Champions as well. I feel like women in motorsports have a lot to prove or we feel like we have a lot to prove to show that we belong here or that we have a place in motorsports. It drove me insane. I think that before I want to retire, I’d like to retire with at least one world championship, but if not many more. No more nerves, no more butterflies. They’re all world champions. His sons, Adam and Ryan, and his daughter, Krysten - or as his adorable nephew calls her, “Aunt Krustacean” - who is now the first and only female monster truck driver of Grave Digger. He is the creator, team owner, and former driver of "Grave Digger" on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit.Anderson is from Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, where he currently resides. WHAT MAKES A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS TITLE? Those bodies are all 3D and are really cool. “My earliest memories are honestly nothing but monster trucks and Grave Digger. Stay up to date by signing up for the Engine Builder newsletter. Not that I don’t love Grave Digger. They had never, ever had a female drive Grave Digger before and they thought who better than Dennis’ only daughter Krysten. My mom and everybody would go to shows with my dad. They needed a Grave Digger driver. One more record stunt show related post. My dad and my brothers have competed in the Tacoma Dome, so my family has a lot of history there. The kinds of stunts performed will truly blow your mind. I had the pressure of being an Anderson and my dad and my brothers had always brought the show home all the time. A: It’s really tight between two arenas. Out of North Carolina, Kristin Anderson drives the best-known truck in Monster Jam grave digger. I'm not concerned for myself for my safety. save hide report. Krysten is the daughter of four-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion and Grave Digger creator, Dennis Anderson. HDUS032 Posts: 25 Joined: Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:44 pm. What makes a Guinness World Records title? Regina Atnip (High Jump) 1980. As a professional athlete, you’re always under the microscope. I’m not scared, I’ll do it. “My two older brothers, Adam and Ryan, are also involved in Monster Jam and they race for the Digger team. Anderson now rises in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, where he currently resides, whilst his daughter takes over the driving of Grave Digger to much acclaim. So fasten your seat belts as Anderson… People travel from all over the world to go to Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas and see that event and watch that production. My dad has so much history there. By Jennifer Pearson For … Also for the first time ever, Monster Jam hosted a High Jump competition among drivers known for the craziest air of the 2019 season. It’s like your family being involved in commercial fishing or something your whole life. Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones in the Peabody, Hugo, and Emmy Award winning Netflix original series, Marvel's Jessica Jones (2015).