The team flies out to a storybook Arabian desert and rubs the Genie's lamp, setting him free. It's up to the Wonder Pets to track down the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts and invite them to the party. is produced by Little Airplane in assocation with Scholastic. It debuted March 3, 2006, on the Nick Jr. block of the Nickelodeon cable television network … The Wonder Pets journey back into Puppetland to save Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf. They remember what they learned to solve the problem in the classroom and apply that lesson to rescue the animal. Can you help them out? Ollie invites the Wonder Pets to his warren for a sleepover. The Wonder Pets journey to Madagascar to help a Young Chameleon who is being pursued by a Cuckoo Hawk. Linny tells Tuck, Ming-Ming and Ollie the story of how the Wonder Pets first got started. A typical episode is fifteen minutes long; this is the perfect amount of time for a young child with a shorter attention span. The Wonder Pets fly into a clay diorama to help a Young Mermaid who wants to be a Pirate./ The Wonder Pets must help a Young Pony in the Old West make her first delivery as part of the famous Pony Express! The Wonder Pets must help Floppy when he gets homesick. The Wonder Pets help a kid-art Pangaroo, a fictional animal that is part kangaroo, part parrot, who has been thrown away in the trash.A Baby Cricket in Chicago gets caught in a soap bubble and floats away. Though Ming-Ming is reluctant, Linny persuades them that it will be fun to spend the night underground. The Wonder Pets travel to Canada and help a family of Young Goslings learn to fly south by converting the Flyboat into a big Goose. © 2021 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. /The Wonder Pets travel to Mount Everest where, with the help of a Goat sherpa, they save an endangered Baby Snow Leopard. To celebrate their hundredth save, Linny presents Ming-Ming and Tuck with a special home movie./The Wonder Pets journey to Tanzania to help a shy, lonely baby rhino find a friend. The Wonder Pets are on their way! Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide. Wonder Pets is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (69 episodes). The Wonder Pets see themselves as tiny superheroes, coming to the aid of an animal in trouble. Ollie the Bunny is having a special party in Wonderland but he forgot to invite the guests! Linny is their fearless leader. Play games and watch full episodes and clips of this groundbreaking musical show that teaches kids about teawork, sharing, helping others, and being a good friend. easy fun way to play children games that they will enjoy watching PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! Where do I stream Wonder Pets online? Once they reach the animal, the Wonder Pets plan a way to help. The Wonder Pets travel to Memphis to save a Baby Hound Dog in a mansion who is stuck inside a jukebox.The Wonder Pets help a Little Glowworm discover what she's good at: Glowing! The Flyboat breaks down during the rescue of a baby raccoon stuck in a recycling bin. But what the Lion Cub really likes to do is dance! Connect the dots from 1 to 25 to help Ming-Ming save the day! After saving a Baby Blowfish who is stuck inside a sea plant, the Wonder Pets are accidentally swallowed by a Whale! When they are left alone in the classroom after each school day ends, they wait for a special phone to ring and alert them to an animal in trouble. She convinces Tuck and Linny to join her. What can the Wonder Pets use to fix it?/Linny determines a mysterious phone call has come from the Loch Ness Monster who needs their help! Watch how teamwork always works for Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck as they don their capes and set out to save young animals all over the world. 'use strict'; var pageLoadStartTime =; It's time for the Bengal Tiger's "davat," which is a big ol' party. The phone isn't ringing so Ming-Ming decides to explore the classroom in search of action, adventure and drama./The Wonder Pets get a call from a baby dalmation in a fire station who needs help sliding down the pole. The Wonder Pets journey to Happyland Forest to help two cartoon bears learn how to share./The Wonder Pets get a call from a smelly Little Stinkbug! They travel around the world --- visiting such varied locales as Egypt and … The Wonder Pets pursue the Mouse King into the book, dancing through beautiful landscapes to the music of the beloved ballet. When Tuck dives into his pond, he accidentally ends up stranded on a Coral Reef in the Caribbean. Children will enjoy the simple animation, likable characters, and easy to follow dialogue. The Wonder Pets travel to a farm to help a Young Rooster wake the farm before sunrise. The Wonder Pets help a Cool Cat and Hip Hippo how to take turns at a jazz performance in Greenwich Village./Tuck's cool, coordinated, older cousin, Buck, visits the classroom and winds up trapped in the schoolhouse cubby! They travel around the world --- visiting such varied locales as Egypt and … The Wonder Pets love their wishes, and the Genie finds himself a new lamp for his home. Ming-Ming visits her Aunt Eleanora at the local petting zoo during a school holiday./The Wonder Pets get a call from a pop-up book where the Young Cow is having trouble jumping over the moon. is an American animated children's television series. You can also watch Wonder Pets on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Noggin, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online. Wonder Pets is available for streaming on Nick Jr., both individual episodes and full seasons. The Wonder Pets help our old friend the Baby Blowfish overcome her separation anxiety on her first day of Preschool.The Wonder Pets journey into a clay diorama to help a Baby Parrot reunite with his Peg-Legged Pirate friend and find a buried treasure. Hop in the Flyboat for a third season of Wonder Pet rescues! The Wonder Pets Full Episodes - The Wonder Pets Save the Mouse - Wonder Pets Full Episodes Nemuligiz 28:09 The Wonderful Wonder Pets! This groundbreaking musical show is not only about teamwork, the Wonder Pets teaches kids about sharing, helping others, and being a good friend. So sing The Wonder Pets - Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling, and Turtle Tuck - three classroom pets turned heroes who travel the world to save young animals in distress! (TV Series 2005– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Browse the latest Amazon Prime from with Yidio! "Save the Ants!" It's Mother's Day and the Wonder Pets are taking cookies to Granny Ginny. Can you help Linny, Ming-Ming and Tuck get the baby dolphin back to her Mama? Episodes Season One Save the Crocodile! Save the Tree! Print this page, cut out the plane and fold it along the dotted lines. Watch Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming as they learn, play, and save the day! The storyline can be predictable but children will appreciate the repetition. Connect the dots from 1 to 25 and save the day with Tuck! The Wonder Pets get caught in a tornado and blown to the magical Land of Oz! The Wonder Pets must save the day and teamwork is their main tool! Generally, they are unsuccessful in their first attempts to rescue the animal. / The Wonder Pets head to … Colour in The Wonder Pets dressed as pirates. But upon meeting many Moms along the way, they run out of cookies! They celebrate with a bit of celery, their favorite treat. Fly into a painting to save the Itsy Bitsy Spider, spend a night underground with Ollie the Bunny, and even help the Wonder Pets figure Robert Vargas ... storyboard supervisor (23 episodes, 2005-2007) Rick Ritter ... storyboard artist (20 episodes /The Wonder Pets travel to Bali to save a Baby Sun Bear up on a statue. Jasizape. Help the Easter Bunny and a Visitor from outer space. The Wonder Pets Episode 1 Full Game - Sea Creatures - Game Today we play the wonder pets full episode Sea Creatures game! Tausende Filme und Serienepisoden zum Streamen oder Downloaden. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features They work together to find a solution; this always comes in handy later in the episode. When a Baby Kitten needs help the team discovers that being big isn't all it's cracked up to be.In this swinging Andrews Sisters-style show, the Wonder Pets get a phone call from Little Bo Peep, who's lost her three singing Sheep. Join their magical, musical rescue missions all over the world! It's Easter, but the Easter Bunny is sick at home with a cold! Save the Caterpillar Save the Sea Lions Save the Elephant! Watch Wonder Pets Full Episodes Online. The team must show the Baby Stinkbug the joys of taking a bubble bath. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. When they are left alone in the classroom after each school day ends, they wait for a special phone to ring and alert them to an animal in trouble.