Gas plates: kitchen with a traditional touch without sacrificing the best features.

The gas stove is the usual kitchen. But today, it has the most innovative features. Like the Gas Stop safety system, which closes the gas passage in case of detecting absence of flame. Or the self-ignition integrated in the control, for your maximum comfort. In short, in terms of safety and comfort, cooking with a gas plate today is not the same as before; although its result remains just as evocative.

Cristal Gas: the aesthetics and design has come to your kitchen.

This Balay plate is much more than a pretty plate: it is comfortable and easy to maintain in perfect condition. It is made of tempered glass of high resistance and also, with the renovated design of its cast iron grills you can handle and clean them without problem. And as we know, that comfort is very important in the kitchen, its grills provide maximum stability and robustness so you can support your containers without complications.


Metallic Gray


5 Gas Burners, Automatic Main Ignition to All Burners, Tripple Ring Burner




Front Control Knobs, Adjustable Flame Settings, Cast Iron Pan Support, Installable to 60cm cut-out

Hob Configurations


Front Left

1 kW


4 kW

Back Right

3 kW

Safety Features

Flame Safety Device for All Burners