The kitchen interior consists of a wide variety of elements that together come together to make it possible to quickly prepare breakfast or dinner. Acquisition of a sink is one of the main purchases, to make the right choice, pay attention to the reliable model ASIL AS 353, which will become an assistant in any kitchen. Its rectangular shape is compact in size and fits in larger and smaller kitchens. The steel model ASIL (Asil) AS 353 has a beautiful shiny color that attracts attention and does not wear out over time. In order to install the steel sink ASIL AS 353, everything you need to be included is a siphon, a gasket and additional fasteners. Mounted sink ASIL AS 353 under the countertop or mortise way. Due to the high quality of steel, the surface not only retains its external properties, but the structure does not deform, the dirt does not penetrate into the interior, does not harm, and favorable places for the development of bacteria are not created. Such properties appear at the sink model AS 353 due to its non-porous surface. It is not difficult to care for the surface, the ASIL AS 353 sink surface is resistant to hot water and to aggressive detergents, therefore all dirt and grease will go away easily. The universal design of the sink will allow it to be used in creating different kitchen styles.


Wash size: 380×440 mm
Trough size: 340×400 mm
Trough depth: 210 mm
Footprint size: 340x400m
Thickness: 1mm
Surface: Polished
Complete set: Siphon, fastening, seal.
Installation: Mortise / Under countertop

38 x 44 x 21 CM


1,00 mm