Gas plates: kitchen with a traditional touch without sacrificing the best features.

The gas stove is the usual kitchen. But today, it has the most innovative features. Like the Gas Stop safety system, which closes the gas passage in case of detecting absence of flame. Or the self-ignition integrated in the control, for your maximum comfort. In short, in terms of safety and comfort, cooking with a gas plate today is not the same as before; although its result remains just as evocative.

Self-ignition: turn on your license plate in the most comfortable and safe way.

With this Balay gas plate, forget about buying matches, lighters or looking for a cigarette lighter. Because with the self-start of Balay, you will only have to press a button integrated in the controls to light the board with total comfort and safety. A great feature for a large plate.

4 Gas Burners


4.5 x 76.2 x 52.0

Cooking Zones



4 KW Wok Burner



Center Behind

1.7 KW


2.5 KW

Gas Stop Safety

Incorporates an electromechanical gas cut system in case the flame goes out accidentally