The gas stove is the usual kitchen. But today, it has the most innovative features. As the Gas Stop safety system, which closes the gas passage in case of detecting the absence of flame. Or the auto ignition integrated into the control, for your maximum comfort. In short, in terms of safety and comfort, cooking with a gas plate today is not the same as before; although its result is still as evocative.

Gas Stop: safety is the most important.

An air current can put out the gas flame and compromise the security in your home. That is why it was a priority to design a system that would prevent accidents of this type. The Balay gas plates have, in each burner, a safety thermocouple that closes the passage of the gas in case of detecting the absence of flame. So you can enjoy your gas cooking, without risks.


4.5 x 75 x 52 CM


Stainless Steel


5 Gas Burners

Various Burners


Front Right

Semi-fast up to 1.75 kW

Rear Right

Fast up to 3 kW



Front Left

Auxiliary up to 1 kW

Rear Left

Semi-fast up to 1.75 kW