Maximum functionality and efficiency in a most practical design for your kitchen, because the basics always succeed.

That your kitchen is elegant and simple is something that can only be achieved if the details are taken care of. Therefore, Balay has refrigerators with horizontally integrated handles, so that simplicity and design go hand in hand. Also, having nothing that stands out, you can clean your fridge without complications.

Design your own space and freeze everything you want.

You can store all kinds of food in your freezer, of any size and format, thanks to the flexibility provided by these safety glass trays, located between the drawers. If you remove one or more drawers, you can use them to support ice cream cups, pans or anything else that needs a stable surface. And if you need even more space, you can remove the trays and you’ll have a transparent compartment where you can put whole loaves of bread and other large foods.


Efficient LED lighting system


Indoor temperature indicator


Vegetable, Fruits

Wine Rack

Sliding Bottle Rack


39 dBA

Refrigerator Shelves


Compartment in Fridge


Adjustable Trays in Fridge Compartment


Door Opening

Reversible Right

Shelves Material

Crystal, Plastic

Control Type


Refrigerator Temperature Display