Comfort Plus rails 100% removable, for a comfortable and safe kitchen.

With the Comfort Plus rails you can remove the tray completely from the oven. Yes enterita, so that nothing is out of your reach and you can access with total freedom to the food that you are cooking. And as the security in the kitchen is very important, this oven has a brake mechanism that allows to fix both rails at the same time in parallel, so you can extract the tray comfortably and safely.

Folding door: an oven that always finds its place.

It does not matter where you plan to locate your oven, because this opening system adapts perfectly to any type of kitchen and any type of height, which will allow you to have total freedom when it comes to locating it. Using it will be simple and safe, since with its rails you will distribute the weight of the trays in a stable and uniform way, and also, you will slide silently.

Professional 3D hot air: cook three dishes at the same time respecting each aroma.

With this function you can cook up to three dishes at a time, and each preparation will receive a flow of independent hot air, without mixing the smells of different foods, and all, thanks to the powerful fan of the oven.

It’s not just a small help: the oven cooks for you!

The Auto Chef program includes 10 recipes that are cooked effortlessly; You just have to choose which one you prefer, enter your weight and press a button. The oven automatically stops when it finishes and warns you so you can stop worrying until lunchtime!

Cristal Series: the only thing that will be able to shade your oven are your recipes.

These ovens give a lot of play in the design of your kitchen as they combine a variety of features with an elegant and sophisticated finish, in three colors to choose from: white, black or anthracite gray. But for complete integration the oven should not only be coordinated with the kitchen: it should coordinate with you, so that your recipes are perfect and your day to day, easier. That’s why the glass used is very resistant and easy to clean, and you can keep it in perfect condition, with little effort.

Aqualisis: a comfortable, fast and ecological method.

And also economic! Because if you spend less electricity, you will also spend less money. The Aqualisis helps you keep the oven in good condition in your day to day. It works with water and consumes very little and its results are magnificent, as it is clean and ready for its next use. You just have to pour water with some dish soap into the base of the oven and select the function. Once the process has finished and the oven has cooled down, you remove the water and that’s it!

Wood oven: cook as before, with the comfort of now.

You want the oven to clean itself, to be easy to use, to have a modern design … But sometimes you would also like to give your dishes that unmistakable and evocative touch of traditional cuisine. With the wood oven function, an enveloping heat is generated, more intense at the base, which allows the preparation of foods such as pizza, puff pastries, etc., with a result that will remind you of the usual kitchen.

Touch Control: the precision you need for your best recipes.

The “about 180 ° C approx.” From now on, controlling the temperature of the oven will be as precise as you need, thanks to the easy-to-use, comfortable, intuitive and very aesthetic Touch Control rotary knob. So you can give the right point of cooking to your dishes. Because there are recipes where precision must be one more ingredient.


Standard 60 cm






Touch Control

Energy Class


Auto Chef Programmes


Cleaning System




Programme Types

3D Hot Air, Bottom Heat, Wood Stove, Turbo Grill, Double Grill, Eco Grill, Eco Mode, Defrost

Vario Grill

3 Power Levels


Foldable for easy cleaning, Preheat function, Non-stick enamel high resistance


Posterior Wall with Eco clean, Aqualisis Cleaning Assistant, Fast Heating, Telescopic Rail, Cooling Down Fan