Microwaves are quick, but the food coming out of them often tastes as flavourless as the cardboard it came wrapped in. Luckily Beko’s clever TalentChef™ technology can be set to work like a microwave, a traditional oven or a combination of the two. A veritable cooking multitasker! The combination of 600w microwave power and 1800w conventional heating saves you up to 50% cooking time and energy and takes up less space in your kitchen too. Plus, your food will still taste divine – and that’s all that matters, after all.

Halogen Illumination

You’ve sieved, you’ve beaten and you’ve mixed. Of course you want to watch your creation rise to perfection. That’s why we’ve added new halogen lights to the left corner of our ovens, so you can see your masterpiece with ease. After all, the first bite is with the eyes.

Energy Class



LCD Display – Touchcontrol (B14-Best)

Display Block




Interior Light

1 x Round Halogen light (Rear)