3D Cooking

Provide delicious dishes without keeping your guests waiting. Beko’s advanced cooking system allows you to cook three different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing problems.


Fast heating Booster is a function that significantly facilitates burning. After it is switched on, the oven uses all available heat sources to quickly reach the set temperature and then returns to the set cooking mode. Thanks to this function, we do not have to worry that we forgot to warm up the oven early enough.

Grill Function

This function is ideal for grilling meat, sausages, toasts or fish. Meat and fish due to high temperature and grill function do not lose their nutritional value and do not dry out. The grill allows you to obtain the effect of a crispy crust and a juicy interior of the dish.

Soft closing of the door

Thanks to the use of special hinges, the Beko oven door closes gently, quietly and in a comfortable way. You can be sure that you will never damage them by accident, nor will you be annoyed by the loud slamming of the oven door.



Energy Class




Cooking Functions


Interior Light

1 x Round Halogen light (Rear)

Cooking Type



65 L


LED Display – Touchcontrol (B14-Better)