Provide delicious dishes without keeping your guests waiting. Beko’s advanced cooking system allows you to cook three different dishes at the same time without any odour mixing problems.


Beko Clean Zone™’s revolutionary oleophobic coating technology on glass oven doors resists dirt and grime, the way you resist the idea of scrubbing. Its excellent easy-clean features mean you don’t need to use heavy duty products or spend valuable time and effort cleaning. Go ahead, roast that juicy chicken without fear!

Catalytic Self-Cleaning

The catalytic panels mounted on the walls of the inner cavity, absorb the fat and reduce the odors during baking, facilitating the cleaning process. Thus, it will no longer be necessary to use abrasive cleaning agents or chemical agents.

SoftClose® Door

The new hinge system makes the door closing smoothly without any noise. So no family member will know the culinary surprise you are preparing.


56 x 55 x 59 CM


65 lts

Oven Type



Stainless Steel

Cooking Functions


Side Racks


Steam Cleaning

Simple Steam Cleaning

Interior Light

1 x Round light (Rear) + 1 x Square light (Right)

Defrost function for Oven


Electric Grill