HomeFritte ™ accessory

With the HomeFritte accessory, it is possible to cook chips, popcorn, breaded chicken, vegetables and much more using only a tablespoon of oil.

Multi-tray cooking

Thanks to Beko ovens, cooking 90 biscuits in one batch is no longer a fantasy: in 72l cavities ovens you can bake up to 3 trays simultaneously, in 82l ovens, up to 5!

Removable inner door window

By simply removing the upper profile of the oven door, it is possible to remove the counter-screen to clean it and polish it in a simpler way and reassemble it with maximum speed.

Digital display

The digital displays of the Beko ovens show the selected cooking function, the recommended level for positioning the tray according to the specific preparation and the timings set.

Thermoventilated oven

The circular resistance ensures that the oven cooking performance is maximized, that the cavity heats up evenly and that it can be cooked on several levels simultaneously.


To clean the oven quickly and easily, a glass of water is enough to be poured on a baking tray to create steam and soften the dirt.

Heavy duty oven door

It also supports the 15-portion lasagne pan that Grandma prepares for Sunday morning!

Excellent Clean ™ coating

Who doesn’t dirty doesn’t clean! That’s why we have equipped our oleophobic coating crystals, making them easy to clean in just one pass.

Side Rack Levels



LED Touch Control



Cleaning System

Clean Zone™

Key Lock


Back Wall



Turnspit, Home Fries™, Multidimensional Cooking Function, Booster Function for Quick Pre-Heating, Soft Close® Door


Cooking Tray, Easy To Remove Side Racks, Wire Shelf