BEKO Vacuum Cleaner BKS9220T has the possibility of wet and dry suction. The mono cyclone system collects even the smallest dust particles inside the plastic container that is easy to clean. Thanks to this system the vacuum cleaner is easy to use and you do not need any other material.

The BEKO vacuum cleaner BKS9220T offers you a sense of security, and the telescopic metal tube offers a wider range of functions so you can easily clean up hard-to-reach places. Clean the most of the corners of the room without climbing the chair or ladders just enough to adjust the desired height of the pipe and your spray or dust is cleaned.

The sponge filter includes a much higher amount of dust particles that a regular vacuum cleaner could collect in a home environment. This ingenious solution contributes to the health of the whole family. It’s easy to maintain it just enough to get it through a strong jet of water and you have solved the unpleasant smell of dust.

With the touch of the button, the winding motor is automatically activated to facilitate the reeling and storage of the product. On the vacuum cleaner, you can adjust the suction power, which can be stronger or less intense, depending on the type of floor you are sucking. Wheels are so designed that they do not damage, not scratch the floor, but easily fit, making the vacuum cleaner stable.


220 – 240 W

Dust Bag Type


Radius of Operation

8 meters




82 dB


2000 W