Two ovens in one. Simultaneously cook 2 completely different menus for different times and at different set temperatures for each compartment. You save energy by adapting the oven interior to the amount of food you need to cook. The product is provided with a separator that can be used as necessary, so that the inside of the furnace can be divided into two distinct compartments. Cooking time can be set individually for each cavity, and the baking temperature can be set to a 700C difference between the two compartments. The two fans ensure the homogenisation of the cooking process. In the case of smaller amounts of food, using a single compartment (the top one) can achieve a 35% energy saving.

Side Rack Levels



Dual Halogen

Key Lock



Touch Control Text LCD with Automatic Cooking Menu

Cleaning System

Clean Zone™

Back Wall



Split & Cook™ Oven, Multidimensional Cooking Function, Booster Function for Quick Pre-Heating, Soft Close® Door

Telescopic Pull-Out Shelf System

2 Levels