Double oven

Enjoy complete flexibility and cook a variety of dishes at two different temperatures. With a combined capacity of over 100 litres, the BXDF25300X is great for family cooking and dinner parties.

The main oven boasts a 75 litre capacity and is powered by Beko’s fan air heating system. Hot air is evenly distributed around the oven, reducing cooking times and temperatures.

True Fan Cooking

Always achieve perfectly roasted meat and evenly baked desserts with True Fan Cooking in Beko ovens. The heating element surrounding the fan offers uniform heat throughout the oven for perfect, quick and even cooking results.


We know cleaning your oven can be a chore. With SimplySteam™, your oven will do the hard work for you. Simply pour some water into the tray and as the water evaporates it will soften the burnt-on food and grease in your oven, making it easier to clean.

Catalytic Back Wall

We understand that cleaning the inside of an oven can be tricky, but with a catalytic back wall that catches dirt and grease, you won’t need to clean the back wall often, making the rest of the oven’s cleaning quick and easy.

Touch Control



Fully programmable LED timer


38 L





Defrost Function