Neo Frost

NeoFrost technology. Perfect variant No Frost cooling. Has two (in refrigerators Side-by-side three) independent evaporators and fans in one device. Maintaining optimum humidity in the refrigerator and low humidity in the freezer, which helps extend the shelf life of your food. It offers up to 2x faster cooling and up to 2x higher moisture levels in comparison with a conventional system No Frost.

No Frost

No Frost system eliminates the formation of ice inside the appliance, which means that de-icing is not needed anymore. This system not only provides seamless and easy to use refrigerators, but also ensures the right temperature for food storage.

Antibacterial Seal

The door gasket is usually hard to keep clean, which makes it an ideal environment for bacterial growth. With the addition of antimicrobial agents not only seal remains free of micro-organisms, but creates an antibacterial barrier protecting the interior of the refrigerator by unwanted microorganisms.

Antibacterial Door Handles

Thanks to special antibacterial protection remain the refrigerator door completely free of bacteria.

LED Lighting

LED bulbs in the rear wall of the refrigerator provide efficient lights last longer and do not heat up


200 x 60 x 67 CM



Energy Class


Energy Consumption

351 kWh/year

Total Gross Volume

400 L



Fridge Features

Auto Defrost, Open Door Alarm, Active Seal Guard, Active Ionizer, Active Fresh Blue Light



Freezer Net Volume

97 L

Freezer Features

Fast Freezing, No Frost

Cooling System Type



43 dBA