Removable inner door window

By simply removing the upper profile of the oven door it is possible to remove the counter-screen to clean and polish it in a simpler way and reassemble it with maximum speed.

Safety GAS Control

This special device monitors the flame and, in the event that it is accidentally switched off due to wind or liquid overflow, automatically blocks the gas flow.

Gas grill

The burner placed above the general cavity is the perfect tool for grilling meat and fish, or for browning the top of the food.

Gas Safety





Open Door, Gas


Enameled Pan Support, Easy to clean & Removable Full Glass Inner Door, Push Button Ignition for Burners, Turn Spit

Hob Configurations


Front Left

1 Kw

Back Left

2 Kw

Front Right

2.5 Kw

Back Right

2 Kw