AquaIntense is an additional washing arm mounted on the bottom of the dishwasher. Thanks to it, your device will clean up everything you put in it even more without skipping nooks and crannies. AquaIntense increases the washing efficiency up to five times.

6 liters

Beko devices focus on ecology and economics of use. For this reason, we design our dishwashers so that one washing cycle uses as little water as possible while maintaining the highest efficiency of work.

Bottom made of stainless steel

When choosing a dishwasher, pay attention to whether it has a stainless steel bottom like this model. In contrast to a dishwasher with a plastic bottom, stainless steel guarantees significantly longer durability and a higher level of hygiene in the interior of the device. Beko Dishwasher ensures that unpleasant odors will not occupy the inside of your device, and the quality of performance will allow you to enjoy it for many years.

Fast +

The Fast + function will come in handy when you do not have a lot of time. After turning it on, the washing process will go much faster, shortening almost three times, while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Half of the load

You do not have to wait for the entire dishwasher to fill it up! The option of arbitrary distribution of dishes using the possibility of washing half of the load allows for the arbitrary arrangement of the dishes on the upper and/or lower basket.

Inverter motor

The inverter motor offers the same advantages: reliability, quieter operation, comfort and peace of the home, and lower energy consumption. Simply put: more savings in the home budget.

Automatic program All in 1

Your Beko dishwasher will automatically recognize if you are using the All in 1 tablet for washing – if this is the case, the device will extend the duration of the washing program itself to take full advantage of the detergent used.

Modular baskets

Thanks to folding ladders and the possibility of adjusting the side shelves in the Beko dishwasher, you can fit more sets of dishes, regardless of their size in shape. Flexibility in adjusting the space helps to avoid that instead of filling the dishwasher with dirty dishes, we are forced to wait until the next cycle without taking advantage of the free space in the baskets.




84.6 x 60 x 60 CM

Energy Class


Noise Level

44 DB

Drying Performance


Water Consumption

6 Lt

Number of Place Settings


Acrobat System

Loaded Adjustable Upper Rack

Water Leakage Prevention

Water Safe+™

Glass Car System

Glass Shield®


Pro Smart™ Inverter Motor

Easy Fold Glass Supports


Easy Fold Plate Supports



SelFit™, Auto Tablet, Half Load, Fast+™ Function, Steam Gloss™, AquaIntense™ Fast +, Led Sport™, Effective Drying System, Height Adjustable Mug Shelves, Multipurpose Removable Cutlery Drawer

Time Delay

1 – 24 H



Programme Types

Eco 50, Auto, AquaFlex®, Intensive 70, Quick & Clean™, Glass Care, Mini 30, Pre Wash

Tank Capacity

5.4 Lt