Bottom Heater+ Convection

Simultaneous operation of the bottom heater and convection ensures better baking of the lower part of the dish.


The Convection feature allows you todefrostfrozen meals quickly, in just minutes!


This function is ideal for roasting meat, sausages, sandwiches or fish.

Baking and Convection

Cooking can be faster with the bottom and top heating element and convection running at the same time! Ideal for baking cookies, for example!


The simultaneous use of the annular heating element and fan guarantees optimal roasting, even large, while convection ensures even roasting on all sides. Convection gives you the opportunity to use several oven tops at once and bake several portions.

Traditional Baking

The lower and upper heating elements heat the dish at the same time. This is the ideal solution for baking cakes, meat and other dishes when it comes to crispy crust.

One-piece Glass Door

The oven door is made of one-piece glass, without screws or bends, for easy cleaning. On some models, the interior glass can be removed to allow for a better cleaning of the door.

Top Heater + Convection

The top heater andconvectionevenly distributing heat throughout the oven allow for larger portions and dishes.

Energy Class A

Energy class A Beko products are a guarantee of protecting the natural environment and saving your family budget.

Steam Cleaning

This feature helps to soften the most dirt and grease, making cleaning the oven easier.


85 X 60 X 50 CM




4 Gas Burners


Mechanical Minute Minder with Cut-off




Standard Baking Sheet, Baking Grill

Oven Type

Multifunctional Cooking

Grill Type

Electric Grill

Interior Lighting