A+ Energy Efficiency

A+ product consumes up to 20% less energy than an identical A product.

Active Odour Filter

This filters the circulated cool air inside the refrigerator and eliminates unwanted odours and bacteria to help keep the food inside fresh.

LED Illumination

Compared to conventional illumination designs, chains of LED lights along the back wall of the fridge compartment provide more efficient and cleaner lighting of the compartment.

Active Fresh Blue Light

Thanks to Beko active fresh blue light technology the process of photosynthesis continues in the fridge which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements.

Active Ionizer

The Active Ionizer neutralizes bacteria, viruses and particles that cause effluvia in the refrigerator, thus creating an antibacterial effect.

ProSmart Inverter Compressor

What do you want for lunch? If you’re one of those always-in-and-out of-the-fridge types, it will help save on your energy bill if your fridge has a Beko ProSmart Inverter Compressor. That way you can open the door for a good nose inside as many times as you like and the clever ProSmart technology will adapt and create fewer temperature variations, cooling your food quickly and cleverly saving energy and money. On top of all that, the ProSmart Inverter Compressor is four times quieter than the compressor in your average fridge.


180 x 91 x 76 CM



Energy Class


Energy Consumption

537 kWh/year


43 DB

Total Gross Volume

631 L



Fridge Net Volume

397 L

Shelve Type


Fridge Features

Door Alarm, Holiday Mode, Quick Cool Setting



Freezer Net Volume

234 L

Freezer Features

Fast Freezing, No Frost