Induction technology

Induction technology is the most effective method of cooking. Thanks to it, you will prepare the dish quickly and with minimal possible loss of energy. In addition, induction hobs only heat up in the place where the vessel will be placed.

IndyFlex ™ Induction Technology

The new Beko IndyFlex ™ technology in induction cooktops allows you to use more space thanks to the flexible cooking surface. The user can connect several heating zones into one larger one, which gives more freedom of cooking. Thanks to the use of a flexible heating zone, it is possible to use both large pan and pots as well as small saucepans, depending on individual needs.

Smooth touch control.

Set the ideal cooking temperature thanks to the smooth control on a 19-degree scale. Swipe your finger and it’s ready!

Mounted on a level with the tabletop

The plate can be mounted on a par with the kitchen worktop, it allows to obtain a uniform and flat surface, without edges or bends. Thanks to this, we gain a greater comfort of cooking and ease of keeping clean.


Fast heating Booster is a function that makes cooking easier. It allows cooking on a maximum hot surface. After it is switched on, the heating zone starts heating at the maximum temperature, after which it returns to the set cooking temperature. Thanks to it, the cooking time is shortened.

Quick and easy cleaning

As the glass-ceramic surface of the plate does not heat up, the spilled food will not burn – the same plate is easier to keep clean.


51.2 x 58 x 5.5 CM


Glass Black




Touch Slider

Cooking Zones


Front Left

1800 W

Rear Left

1800 W

Front Right

1800 W

Rear Right

3000 W




Child Lock

Automatic Shutdown