Practical and easy to use, this gas hob comes with a wok burner which allows food to be cooked quickly without compromising nutritional values.

Flame Failure Device

If the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind or by overflowing liquid, the flame failure device automatically cuts off the gas supply to prevent any gas leakage.

Knob Integrated Electronic Ignition

Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition provides easy and simple lighting for gas burners.

Easy to Clean Cooktop

Tossing woks and pans whilst cooking looks impressive but leaves the cooktop dirty. Simply wipe away the mess with a cloth on your Beko Gas Cooktop.

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Offering maximum stability for your pots and pans while you cook, the durable cast iron pan supports will also add a professional touch to your kitchen.


10 x 58 x 51 CM


Brushed Stainless Steel


4 Gas Burners, Integrated Electronic Ignition