Active Fresh Blue Light ™

A special and innovative system that recreates the photosynthesis process inside the refrigerator. The special blue light emits UV rays to preserve the vitamins of fruits and vegetables, and preserve their quality up to 30% * more than the average of refrigerators. * Tested by FRPERC and TUBITAK (compared to standard fruit and vegetable drawers)

EverFresh + ®

The EverFresh + ® technology of Beko refrigerators concentrates all of Beko’s research and knowledge on air flows and advanced humidity control in the revolutionary vegetable drawer. The innovative structure, which controls and constantly doses the air flow, guarantees incomparable results. Fruits and vegetables are freshly picked, fresh and juicy, up to 30 days.

NeoFrost ™ Dual Cooling

NeoFrost ™ Dual Cooling has a special technology that cools with two separate systems, unlike conventional single cooling systems. With NeoFrost ™ Dual Cooling you keep a high level of humidity in the fridge and the freezer remains dry and natural (no frost). With the 2 separate fans you avoid contamination by unpleasant smells between the fridge and the freezer.

Digital Controls

The easy-to-use digital controls ensure optimal control of the refrigerator’s functions and temperature.

Active anti-odor Filter

This filter eliminates odors and bacteria, purifying the cold air that circulates inside the refrigerator and keeping food fresh.

Active Healing

Door gaskets are the right environment for bacteria to proliferate, but the antibacterial agent in Beko active gaskets keeps it sanitized, acting as a shield for the entire refrigerator.


The active ionizer neutralizes bacteria and particles that cause unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, the air that circulates is kept clean and the food can be stored longer.

LED Refrigerator Compartment Light

Beko refrigerators are equipped with LED light to uniformly illuminate the interior of the compartment. Maximum efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Eco Mode

Thanks to this function, the refrigerator activates the power saving mode.

Holiday Mode

Before leaving, activate the holiday function: save energy without interfering with food storage.

Reversible Doors

Thanks to the reversible doors of Beko refrigerators it is possible to adapt each appliance to everyone’s needs and to the kitchen design.

Bottle Rack

An elegant and practical accessory, the ideal space to store your bottles and optimize the space available in the refrigerator.

Easy to Clean Shelves

The glass shelves are adjustable and resistant, in tempered glass, blocking the possible spreading of liquids and are easy to clean.


185 x 60 x 60 cm



Energy Class


Energy Consumption

264 kWh/year

Total Gross Volume

365 L



Cooling System

Total NoFrost



Net Content Refrigerator


Net Content Freezer


Fridge Features

Reversible Doors, Open Door Alarm, Bottle Holder




43 dBA