Combined refrigerator Beko RCNA365E30ZX with freezer below is distinguished by NeoFrost technology, which prolongs the freshness of the foods and helps 2x faster cooling, while the compartment for longer freshness ensures that fruits, vegetables, fish and meat stay fresh for a long time. Technology ” active blue light ” makes for constant maintenance of the level of nutrients and vitamins stored fruits and vegetables, while the technology ” Everfresh + ” extend the life of fruit and vegetables in up to 30 days. Foods are additionally protected by active ionizer and anti-bacterial protection.

Everfresh + technology

If you want to cook at home and at the same time love fresh and homemade vegetables and fruits, then Beko Everfresh + technology is an ideal solution for the long lasting and careful storage of your food. Thanks to this exceptional technology, your fresh fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for up to 30 days * and your menu can be prepared for a month in advance. * Tested by SGS (compared to conventional broccoli and salad drawers).

Active blue light technology

Everyone who takes care of your health thoroughly wants to ensure that your fruits and vegetables remain in excellent condition for a long time. And that’s right. With a wise decision for a cooler with active blue light technology that continues the natural process of photosynthesis in the drawer, you will, in addition to maintaining a longer freshness of fruit and vegetables, also benefit from higher levels of vitamin C. Your tomatoes will always remain juicy, full of vitamins and up to 30 % more fresh *. * Tested by FRPERC and TÜBİTAK (compared to the usual drawers for tomatoes and red and green peppers).

IonGuard ™ technology

Thanks to the first dishwasher in the world that removes unpleasant odors in an uncompressed dishwasher without harmful gases and chemicals, it will leave a pleasant and fresh smell in your home. The hidden ionizer with the help of the fan for five minutes per hour neutralizes the unpleasant odors and thus saves energy and the time it will spend for the manual wash of those few pieces of dirty dishes. Relax and leave the dirty work to us.

LED backlight

When your refrigerator (pre) is full, it quickly happens that you forget all the hidden delicacies that are hidden in the depths of your refrigerator. Therefore, a good overview of the stored foods is especially important, for which you need excellent lighting. LED lighting provides a very clean, even and effective illumination, which will, of course, be familiar with your culinary creativity and prudent consumption of food.



185 x 60 x 60 cm



Energy Class


Energy Consumption

260 kWh/year

Cooling System

Neo Frost




43 DB

Net Content Refrigerator

219 L

Net Content Freezer

99 L

Freezer Drawers


Freezing Capacity