Official partner of…. fresh ingredients
If you’re the type of person who likes to cook at home and are always after the freshest and most organic ingredients, then Beko’s EverFresh+® technology is just for you. Thanks to EverFresh+®, your fresh fruits and veggies will stay crisp and tasty for up to 30 days*, so that you can have a month’s worth of ingredients for healthy home-made food! *Tested by SGS (compared with standard crispers for broccoli and lettuce)

LED Lighting

When your fridge is full, it’s easy to forget about those tasty ingredients hiding away in the deep, dark depths. Beko’s efficient LED Lighting runs along your refrigerator’s ceiling and sides, illuminating every shelf separately and lighting the way to your next culinary creation. Now, nothing will go to waste.


Whether it’s a sprig of parsley, dill or basil, flavour fanatics know just what to add to their dishes to take them to the next level. Of course only the freshest herbs will do, but how do you stop them going off after just a couple of days? Well, the Beko HerbBox™ in your refrigerator keeps green herbs fresh for up to 2 times longer*, thanks to a special film cover that creates the ideal climate. So your lovely fresh herbs will stay just that.* Tested by internal labs (compared with a standard freezer bag with mint leaves)


You’re an expert refrigerator packer – everything has its place. But what’s this? A big bottle of juice you know was a thrifty buy, but just won’t fit in the door rack? Luckily Beko FlexiLift™ can give you up to another 80mm of room simply by pushing buttons on each side of the rack. The shelf can then be easily lifted and moved to the perfect position, making space for that troublesome bottle. Simple.

Active Filter of Odors

Cold air inside the refrigerator goes through a carbon filter and eliminates unwanted odors, leaving the air purified to keep food fresh inside.

Neo Frost

Thanks to the 2 independent cooling systems, NekoFrost technology from Beko maintains the optimum humidity levels in the refrigerator compartment for a more lasting freshness (above 90%).




192 x 70 x 70 CM

Energy Class


Energy Consumption

317 kWh/year


40 dBA



Fridge Net Volume

330 L

Fridge Features

Auto Defrost, Holiday Mode, Fast Cool, Door Open Alarm



Freezer Drawers


Freezer Net Volume

124 L

Freezer Features

No-Frost System, Twist Ice Maker, Fast Freeze

Product Type

Double Door

Number of Crisper


Electronic Display



LED on Side Walls