Neo Frost

Thanks to the 2 independent cooling systems, NekoFrost technology from Beko maintains the optimum humidity levels in the refrigerator compartment for a more lasting freshness (above 90%).

Energy efficiency A ++

An A ++ product consumes up to 30% less energy than an A product with the same characteristics.

Active Filter of Odors

Cold air inside the refrigerator goes through a carbon filter and eliminates unwanted odors, leaving the air purified to keep food fresh inside.

LED lighting

Compared to conventional lighting designs, the succession of LED lights on the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment provides more efficient lighting and greater visibility.

When the fridge is overflowing it is not unusual for us to forget the rich things that are hidden in the darkness of the bottom. The LED lighting of Beko refrigerators is distributed through the ceiling and walls to illuminate each shelf and provide the light you need to choose the right ingredients. There will be nothing left to be wasted.




193 x 70 x 74 CM

Energy Class


Fridge Net Volume

372 L

Fridge Features

Active Dual Cooling System, Door Open Alarm, Reversible Doors, Active Ionizer, Chrome Wine Rack, Antibacterial Seal

Freezer Net Volume

103 L

Freezer Features

Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray