BP02 – Pull out kitchen mixer (BP029966C)


Single Lever Pull-out Kitchen Mixer

This Thermostatic range varies greatly from all other ranges. Equipped with volume control cartridges and having a synchronous flow-rate adjusting valve, means that our cartridges have 2 inlets and 2 outlets. This results that the cartridge can control the volume of both the hot and cold water to your desired pre-set temperature. These cartridges have a very low risk of any broken check-valves compared to other cartridges found in the market. The 38 C (degrees Celsius sign) lock together with our high end ‘Vernet’ thermostatic sensors bring you a complete and a favourable shower experience.

This 2-way thermostatic concealed mixer has got 2 different features a user can attach with the system. The top handle changes from one feature to the other, the middle handle controls the temperature if needed, and the bottom handle is the on and off knob.


Solid Brass

Swivel Spout

180 degrees




Kerox ceramic


Flexible connection hoses included


Quick and easy