BP02 – Single-Lever Foldable Kitchen Mix (BP026703C)


With the recent trend of PVC windows; thus having the windows opening inwards, a new requirement for a specific tap has been created. Many households place their sink centred to their window, and therefore this created some difficulty for them to find a kitchen tap low enough to allow the window to be open. This tap was created specifically for that! The spout of this tap can be easily folded completely into the sink to allow the window to be opened fully.

This mixer is equipped with our famous KEROX cartridge. These cartridges are tested to 500,000 cycles without fail so even if you use your tap 50 times a day it will last for more than 25 years. Further more all our taps are tested to 10 bar, and can operate from .5 bar to 5 bar.

This high quality tap will only use 5.4 liters per Minute at 1 bar of pressure. If you add a BP62322005005 Aerator insert this tap will use only 3.2 liters per minute.

The chrome finish is always plated on brass using “IMR” low pressure casting ensuring a smooth and fluent finish. The chrome uses a three layer plating procedure using Brass, Nickel & chromium. This ensures that our products not only look better but also last a lot longer to0.


Polished Chrome

Operation Pressure

1.0- 5.0 Bar


43 x 15 x 23 cm


Solid Brass


Single Lever Foldable

Swivel Spout

360 degrees


Kerox ceramic


Quick and easy


Flexible connection hoses included