La Sommeliere CAC01 Chocolate Cellar

The La Sommelière chocolate cellar for storing and preserving the flavours of cocoa and your chocolates features a stable temperature adjustable to the nearest degree, humidity level below 70%, anti-UV glass and air circulation, all in an attractive and space-saving cabinet.

Why have a refrigerated chocolate cellar?

Chocolate, just like wine, needs to be stored in specific conditions to retain its full flavours. If chocolate is not consumed immediately, it is liable to become discoloured if stored below 15°C (in a fridge, for example) or soft over 19°C (ambient temperature). In both cases, it loses its flavour and its complex structure breaks down.

Sugar, from the cold, and fat, from the heat, rise to the surface of the chocolate. Light, or a high humidity level (above 70%), may also cause an irreversible loss of flavour.

What is the ideal temperature for storing chocolate?

The ideal temperature for storing chocolate is around 18°C but the temperatures recommended by chocolate makers may range from 12°C to 18°C depending on the type of chocolate. Exposing it to refrigerator temperatures is never ideal and putting it in the freezer is a big no-no.

One thing is certain: chocolate is very susceptible to temperature fluctuations and should therefore be stored at a stable temperature. We advise you to only remove chocolate from the cellar when you are planning to eat it.

What is the ideal humidity level for storage?

Chocolate must be stored in a temperate environment, with a maximum air humidity level of 70%; otherwise, some of its flavours may be irreversibly lost.

Any other recommendations for preserving cocoa?

Ideally, for long-term storage, it is preferable to store chocolate in its original packaging or container. If you wish to present chocolate on trays for a tasting session (or simply to enhance its appearance!), we recommend using a sheet of greaseproof paper.

Chocolate must also be stored away from any external odours which could be absorbed by the chocolate. It must also be stored away from light. The airtight La Sommelière chocolate cellar with its anti-UV glass door guarantees that your chocolates will be protected.

How long can you keep chocolate?

Dark chocolate keeps better than white chocolate or milk chocolate.

Standard-quality dark chocolate has a shelf-life of around a year;
High-quality chocolate has a shelf-life of around 18 months; milk or white chocolate has a shelf-life of between 6 and 8 months. After that time, chocolate loses its flavour.

Temperature Range

8°C to 18°C


2 Shelves in Removable Oak Trays


Interior LED


Digital Temperature Control, Touch Control Buttons




25 DB


25 L

Energy Class



Crystal Ray with Anti-UV, Integrated handle, Thermoelectric Technology


42 x 48 x 28 CM