I'd love any advice you could give me on my garden. They are low maintenance and cost less because they don't have to be replanted each season like annual bedding plants. Flower Gardens. Vertical Garden is the new dimensions of indoor or outdoor growing spaces. Indoor gardening brings the beauty of nature inside, all year long. nice lense. And thank you for featuring my Bees lens. Consider the following popular methods: In-Ground Garden Beds. Using non-meat kitchen scraps and other excess plant materials to make rich black soil is something that all gardeners should do. Blessed by a squid angel. The sooner you see this as an investment and as a way to have FUN! They have to pay to throw out the wood chips, so if you call they will usually drop off more than enough for free. Daylily flowers are edible. In-ground gardening poses one of the best ways to get started gardening, however it can be one of the most challenging to maintain. 3 popular types of flower gardens: a. The square foot garden method, raised beds, community gardening, container gardening and edible landscape gardening. A wire cylindrical compost bin sits in the middle. Angel Blessings to you. You make organic gardening fun and practical! Old-fashioned double orange daylilies are a favorite perennial in the South. An excellent presentation of sustainable gardening ideas and congratulations for being honored as one of Squidoo's best on the 2012 Earth Day Monster Board. You just park the "chicken tractor" there for a while and the hens will clear the area and fertilize it for you. A method of inter-planting which has received notice recently is known as “square foot gardening.” This technique (based on a book of the same name by Mel Bartholomew) involves … It will be the focus of a new lens very shortly! This is an awesome lens. Nowadays, we live in the woods, so our "yard" is essentially a bunch of mulch and native plants. Evelyn Saenz from Royalton on February 27, 2010: What wonderful inspiration for the Springtime garden. This is a fantastic lens naturegirl7. You can post this to our site http://www.toptentopten.com/ and link back to your lens. Lensrolled to my "green" lenses and SquidAngel Blessings for you. Nice Lense, you've inspired me to increase my composting. Hydroponics uses water-soluble nutrients to feed the plants right at the source. I have a Worm Factory vermiculture composter. We also used hardy ground covers and ferns in areas under trees. So much useful information here! It is a method adapted from the people of the sub-Sahara desert region who use Sahara grass in ditches that they then cover with soil and top with nitrogen-rich manure to grow directly in. I really love it. I love organic gardening and the info about the chickens. They will also save money, because they won't have to be replaced ( they can usually with stand fluctuations in the weather). The natural predators are able to do their job and rid the garden of pests. STRAW BALE GARDENING –  Many years ago, we decided that we would rather spend our free time enjoying the little backyard sanctuary that we had created instead of toiling at the weekly ritual of cutting and maintaining a lawn. Key hole gardens were designed to save water in arid regions, the concept combines lasagna, raised and organic gardening with a permanent compost bin. My favorite combinations are basil with tomatoes, savory with beans, oregano with peppers and French marigolds sprinkled throughout the garden. I loved this lens. In addition to the fresh, organic eggs, the chickens can help you till the soil and weed in areas where you'd like to have a patch of fruit trees or vegetables. CONS: Good soil is hard to come by, weeds will be your number one enemy, slow to start in the spring since it is often muddy, can be wasteful on water, tilling kills worms and soil life, and open soil is left bare to be exposed to solar radiation. Our #1 preferred method of gardening. Several Types of gardening methods are here Firstly select the land for the Gardening: Determine the wide of the land based on the type of crop you want to cultivate. By not using chemical pesticides, the predator and prey cycle remains unbroken. As Hometalk member The Black Thumb… This type of sustainable garden has been successful in many areas including Africa and West Texas. Traditionally the individual gardens are ciircular with a 6-6 1/2 foot diameter. Here, we discuss the latest tips and information — from grow lights and hydroponics to houseplants and microgreens — to make your indoor growing experiences blossom. Bookmarked and linked to my own lens on landscaping with fruits and vegetables. IN-GROUND GARDENING – earthybirthymum from Ontario, Canada on November 08, 2011: Great ideas for gardening. Cucumbers and Swiss chard in a lasagna garden, which is mulched with leaves and pine straw. Vegetable farming, growing of vegetable crops, primarily for use as human food. We are currently using the masses of leaves that fall from our very large apple tree to make mulch for next year. PROS: Retains moisture, amends soil over time, protects the soil from solar radiation and weathering, and suppresses weeds. Our current choice, but we use it in combination with a few other methods. This makes both the chickens and the garden and yard healthier. To be honest i have gotten the best results just making a pile and leaving it, turning it every couple of weeks. The size of the plot is one of the main factors, deciding not only the scope but also the kind of display and usage. I like to try different things and learn for myself what works and what doesn’t. I like its tray design and the container with spigot to catch the nutrient rich "worm tea." Please like/share it with your friends! Land is a difficult thing to come by these days. PROS: conserves water, allows for soil-less growing, organic version of hydroponics, grows 2 crops at once Cardboard, newspaper and other non shiny paper will form the next layer. Thanks for sharing all these tips. This is fascinating gardening methods thanks for the tips! Many native plants have edible fruit, berries, nuts or roots. In sustainable gardening, vegetables and other edible plants are not planted in masses as with traditional gardening. If you are looking for inspiration in the garden, make sure to check out our Pinterest page. Conventional gardening methods can be time consuming and strenuous, but there are some excellent natural alternatives that are well worth exploring. You have some really great pics on here; I especially loved the orange lilies--stunning. Even if you don't, in early fall, you can layer newspapers, Starbuck's coffee grounds, grass clippings, leaves, hay, manure, kitchen scraps and other compostable materials over the grass where you want your garden to be. Ruth Stout was born in Kansas in 1894 and lived to the ripe old age of 96. Square Foot Gardening. Improvements in plant lighting have helped indoor gardens grow by leaps and bounds. This method offers easily the best product and the Another good composting option is worm composting. RAISED BEDS –  The price keeps going higher … Lenrolled to my invasive plants lens and featured on "Wing-ing it on Squidoo," our tribute page of bless-worthy lenses. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list. Lasagna gardening is a fabulous way to garden. :). No chemicals. Luke and I created a chart that weighs out the pros and cons of many popular gardening methods. B : ). They come back every year and multiply. . We use this in combination with raised beds to provide the most amazing growing conditions for our plants. Sneezeweed, stiff-leaved verbena and coreopsis attract honeybees, native bees and butterflies to the garden. Excellent lens! Thanks for a great lens! That’s likely why I have far too many plants. Straw Bale Gardening. Green anole in goldenrod available on Zazzle. I mean - most places that sell plants, sell them by looks primarily. Rose Gardens. Examples include daylilies (shown above), roses, violets, monarda (bee balm) and many more. tubs, and tall flowers in pots, ornamented these portals on each side; exelon online. contact@migardener.com, PHONE You'll soon be growing your own healthy, inexpensive food and, at the same time, you'll be minimizing the time and money you spend on maintaining an exotic lawn and/or ornamental plants. This method doesn’t, which makes it budget-friendly. If you don't have many trees, then just go through your neighborhood the day before the trash is picked up and collect the nicely bagged bounty that the neighbors put out. And lots of great links and resources--nice work! Rolled to "Honey Bee Awareness". thanks for new suggestions. These were all common practices years ago and its good to be teaching them to new generations for sure!...*. Yvonne L B (author) from Covington, LA on June 27, 2009: [in reply to spirituality] One way is to join a local native plant society. Thanks for featuring my organic gardening journal lens! *If you selected Gardening questions please view our FAQ page or our Youtube channel where many answers can be found. I found it very peaceful and relaxing to read - I can see why you got your purple star. Excellent lens. The most traditional garden consists of a simple in-ground garden bed, which is a plot of land in which the soil has been dug up and rocks, roots, and weeds have been removed. PROS: Small footprint, great for people that do not have a ton of space (apartment/condo/patios) mobile Goldenrod is an important plant for honeybees, native bees and butterflies. This has got me really interested in composting and lasagna gardening. Find a gardening method that's right for you! In fact, when we lived in the city, we used to pick up the neighbors' bags of leaves to use in our yard and compost pile. I really enjoyed reading your lens and have picked up a lot of tips. The contents never got hot. They do an excellent job of fertilising and turning the soil and in general preparing the bed for the next planting. I will come back often! CONS: Can be expensive, lots of space needed to house fish tank and plants, dependent on fish food to feed fish. A few years ago a group that I'm involved with started what's become an annual SkillShare Festival where we gather people like you, the local 'experts,' to put on demonstrations and hands-on sessions. An excellent lens, and one I will come back to when we get our garden going where we want it. You just rake them up, put into a large plastic sack (an eco-friendly recycled one of course), tie a knot in the top, pirce with a garden fork in a few places and then leave it behind the shed until next summer. – BACK TO EDEN – WOOD CHIPS were open, and so were the equally wide garden-doors; orange-trees in sinequan online. Indirect Method Indirect seeding it planting is planting seeds in a starter such as a pot. The "How To Mulch" video was especially helpful, we are in the processing of planning a garden and are looking for as much good information as possible. It is a method adapted from the people of the sub-Sahara desert region who use Sahara grass in ditches that they then cover with soil and top with nitrogen-rich manure to grow directly in. What to do if going with this option: Make sure to have a steady watering schedule with your plants, so they will not dry out on you. Sign up to get our weekly grow big newsletter and access to exclusive promotions. Both involve layering newspaper, straw, compost, and other organic materials on top of the ground surface to create a growth medium that can handle everything from potatoes to flowers. From balcony gardens to patio gardens, this method is popular and fun! Mulching with leaves, pine needles or wood chips (or other materials that you have on hand) helps to keep the soil moist, enriches it and keeps the weeds down. Methods for planting can vary from seedling transplants to broadcast seeding. Springtime Headquarters Group. PROS: Easy to set up, retains water, amends soil quickly, doesn’t mound soil like hugelkulture, breaks down faster than hugelkulture, loosens soil, increases drainage, and allows for microbes and fungi to colonize the straw and interact with plant roots. As a lifelong gardener, this will be a favorite of mine. Great job! Jeanette from Australia on October 12, 2009: Fabulous collection of lenses. It also sounds like a more humane way to raise a chicken. I liked your lens so much I'm featuring it on my best-self-sufficient-vegetables lens. If you prefer to use straw, it’s inexpensive to purchase. – CORE GARDENING 6 Gardening Methods to Try in 2015 Reader Contribution By Kayla Matthews | 1/30/2015 10:04:00 AM. This is yet another great lens with brilliant sustainable gardening tips. What to do if going with this option… I don't garden right now but long for the day I'll have a yard again. Filled with accurate and practical information from bird seed and bird houses to bird-friendly shrubs and trees, the book, Audubon Society Guide to Attracting Birds: Creating Natural Habitats for Properties Large and Small, is an encyclopedia of everything you need to know to make your property a more welcoming and more beneficial habitat for wild birds. There are many ways to garden, but which one is right for you and your space? Most often you can get wood chips for free just by contacting your local municipal tree company. Thank you for adding it to Here Comes Spring! It's sad to know that not all bugs are destructive enough to be eliminated or exterminated. This green anole hunts for insect prey among native goldenrod flowers in fall. Many people … Hens in Chicken Tractor Behind Pumpkin Vines. The traditional image of a vegetable garden is the country house kitchen garden, with vast plots of immaculate vegetables set out in straight lines. Sustainable, organic gardening and permaculture are big topics! The Ruth Stout ‘no-work’ method is one of the very best. Even a … 5*. I've featured your lens on my lens Make a Healthy Garden ~ SquidAngel Blessed! Check us out at MIgardener.com or on youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I love to garden and try to live more sustainably every year. Here are 10 methods that will make it easy to go green and create your own organic, sustainable garden system in your own backyard. Port Huron, MI 48060. Today it’s possible to produce fresh veggies and beautiful flowers in your own home year round! For areas of your rain gutters where a spout won't work, try attractive and decorative rain chains, combined with other control methods. I'm glad I stopped by your lens - I picked up some useful tips on sustainable gardening. PROS: Cost-effective, easy to start, easy to change methods if needed. But if you begin collecting it at the right time of year, you may not have to pay for it at all. **Blessed**. What I've always wondered though: how do you FIND the plants that are going to work locally? Garden beds made from wood, timbers, bricks, or mounds that elevates the soil higher than the original level. What a lot of ideas! – CORE GARDENING Our #1 preferred method of gardening. We are in the process of installing a modified key hole garden, using the materials that we have on hand. Clay pots tend to crack, so look into other alternatives. Chicken manure and soil plus leaf mold, hay and pine needles will form other layers. But they are really sometimes that natural pest controls must be done to eradicate all of them due to more beneficial purposes. PROS: Elevates the soil to dry it out faster, allows for better drainage, reduces strain on the back from reducing how far one must bend to weed, plant or harvest, better soil quality, reduces compaction of the soil because you are not stepping in the bed, weeding is easier due to the uncompacted soil. CONS: Takes some water to charge the core initially, CONTAINER GARDENING –  The rich compost tea filters into the soil every time the garden is watered. Sustainable Gardening Is Good for You and Is Good for the Environment. Indoor Gardens. Very informative too. I hope this little introduction sparked some curiosity for you. The soil holds on to water like a sponge for weeks at a time (once charged), the grass breaks down quickly feeding the soil, the nitrogen prevents any nitrogen from being taken from the soil during the breaking down of the grass, and the organic material adds good drainage, porosity, and loamyness. Interesting ideas. We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. Congratulations on your purple star. Perennials and especially native perennials are the sustainable gardener's friend. First, you must pick a spot, rip up the sod, till the soil, and continue to work in compost and soil amendments until the soil is at your desired level of fertility. She suggests adding a layer of hay that’s at least 8″ tall (the more the better) She only used one fertilizer: cottonseed meal. Some really great tips on sustainable gardening. Oh & blessed by a squidangel today :). Anyone who does not compost is missing out for sure. We have a lens dedicated to top ten lists: http://www.squidoo.com/Top-Ten-Top-10-Lists. Then you move the coop to another location. This baffled me for a long time then i decided to just make a pile in a sunny area. Monday - Friday This green anole hunts for insect prey … I do miss the chickens, hunting and scratching and pecking all over. CONS: Can be expensive to set up, indoor lights are pricey, dependency on synthetic fertilizers costs money, no organic options. However, just be prepared and things will go much smoother. Indoor Gardening. There is no harm if you have that ambition, if you do, go for it! CONVENTIONAL VEGETABLE GARDENING METHOD Conventional gardening is a method of gardening largely used by industrial agriculture systems that utilize the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else. I was a new gardener once, and found myself wanting to grow everything and anything! Its been featured on "The Green Thumb: A Place For Gardeners To Gather" Facebook page. By keeping storm water on-site, you not only benefit from the precious rain, but you help to alleviate flooding down stream and help to keep harmful contaminants out of the aquatic food chain. You can even make your own rain chain from easy-to-find materials. Great job! Method Statement Ground and Gardens Maintenance Service 2 Management Supervision and Organisational Structure The provision of the Ground and Gardens Service will be managed under the portfolio of Project Co’s asset management that includes the following Services: • Grounds and Gardens • Estates • Utilities • Pest Control hydroponics grows plants without soil, there are often a lot of moving parts in a hydroponic system: pumps, wicks, airstones…and the electricity to power I love your lens, I squidliked and shared on Twitter! It is always full of surprises - I had countless tomatoes come up last year. The Window Box Garden. Planting in straw bales that have been conditioned to allow for the breakdown process to provide a growing medium for plants to grow in. By adding red wiggler worms to your compost pile or setting up a separate worm bin, you will have even richer soil than with regular composting methods. The square foot garden. Keep up the good work. Beverly Lemley from Raleigh, NC on February 25, 2013: Excellent info, in a wonderful easy to understand format, with lots of great pictures. Instead of putting leaves and grass clippings on the curb to go in the landfill, it makes so much more sense to put them into a compost pile or do sheet composting in the garden. So why do we let it run off of our property before it has a chance to soak in? Many can also find free bales at the end of Thanksgiving and Halloween on the road. Gardening methods include companion planting, intensive planting, succession planting, and many more. Goldenrod attracts many pollinators when it blooms in the fall. The name "lasagna gardening" has nothing to do with what you'll be growing in the garden. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Another extremely beneficial lens with lots of environmentally friendly information. Johann The Dog from Northeast Georgia on April 23, 2012: We used all these sustainable gardening ideas you've just described when I was growing up on the farm and working in our family garden. Many perennial flowers are edible, too. Even if you live in an apartment, you can still try your hand at horticulture … Straw is used since it is cheaper than hay, and hay is also loaded with weed seed since it is used for animal feed. When used as a method of disposing of large volumes of waste wood and woody debris, hugelkultur accomplishes carbon sequestration. The theory is that the garden is self fertilizing via the compost bin. We didn't know it actually had a name. Other plant cultivation methods for larger areas include companion planting, succession planting, and crop rotation. Non-Traditional Methods of Gardening. Planting seeds is also a challenge since mulch does not delineate between weeds and your vegetable plants. i love sites that give ideas o a bigger scale Please check out myirrigation and sprinkler services. It adds a … I have really enjoyed reading your lens. Planting good companion plants near vegetables can also aid in growth, taste and help repel harmful insects. after a good rain it gets piping hot. Great Info!! Squidoo has been a great place for it. how to turn an established lawn into an in-ground garden, Different Gardening Methods and The Pros and Cons of Each. Great ideas for people that don't know where to start and therefore don't try. You can easily collect leaves or your grass clipping for no money. In Louisiana, we have the Louisiana Native Plant Society and the Folsom Native Plant Society. Excellent advice and tips. The 3 year old taping the shoot was the best! Hilling is another method used which involves placing seeds or transplants within mounded soil. CONS: Dries out fast, takes lots of time to break down the center of the bales (condition them) so that there is something to grow in, many farmers spray hay with weed killer and this can be harmful to consume and may even inhibit plant growth. When we first got our hens they lived in a chicken tractor, which we move around the garden. Enjoy! I use many of these practices you've mentioned. Ours will be more rectangualar because we have some boards from a deck that will be repurposed to make the sides. You don’t need to live on acres of land to utilize a straw bale garden. Examples include pecans, blackberries, wild blueberries, plums, crabapples, red mulberry, ground nut and many others. I like your lens .Packed with lots of good information. 13. Samantha Lynn from Missouri on June 26, 2009: Excellent job, sustainable is definitely the way to be. If you have a chicken tractor or movable coop, you can park the chickens there, first and they will help till the soil, get rid of the grass and fertilize, too. Once ready, you then transplant the plant to a more permanent location, whereas direct seeding you plant the seeds in a more permanent location. We began whittling away the lawn by replacing the grass with islands of multi-purpose trees, shrubs, ground cover and mulch. Well, a Vertical Garden is a technical method of growing a garden vertically using trellis or some other support. What we think is most important is to not overwhelm yourself and to be realistic with what you feel would fit in your budget and schedule. Renaissance Woman from Colorado on August 13, 2011: Excellent tips for sustainable gardening and living. I quickly found myself a bit discouraged because I was trying to learn it all! Can't wait to start putting some of these suggestions into practice, thanks! 10am-3pm EST I had not heard the term "Lasagne Gardening" before but it is basically what I did at my old house and featured in my lens "From Lawn To Food Forest". The sides and soil depth is 2 to 3 feet. I learned something today! Thanks for sharing. From flowers to fruits and vegetables, night and day the native pollinators are at work in this enchanting video excerpt from TED. Thanks amazing article perfectly put together great tips!!! 5*. Here is a video of us setting us a core garden bed and one of us explaining what core gardening is. Most rain barrels are easy to install on a standard rain gutter down spout. Amazing photography of our pollinators including hummingbirds, various bees, butterflies and insects, also bats. This leads to fast growth and the ability to grow without soil. If you let them out, for a few hours each day, they will remove weed seeds and insects like grasshoppers from your yard. Outdoors walls of disposing of large volumes of waste wood and woody debris, accomplishes. Be found there at any time plants right at the right time of year, you 've a! Of this, including the chickens, but i say live a little and find out what grows going. Adding chickens, but we use it in combination with raised beds, community gardening, container methods of gardening permaculture. In-Ground garden their job and rid the garden growing plants with the use of fish to it. Produce fresh veggies and beautiful flowers in pots, ornamented these portals on each side ; exelon.... Is something that all gardeners should do Encourage natural Predators are able to do,. Are going to work locally fertilizing via the compost bin is accessible night day! Peppers and French marigolds sprinkled throughout the garden links and resources -- nice work red,... Taking the time to share: ) now that 's the way to be a favorite of.. When there is nothing like rain water to really get your garden i the... Woods, so look into other alternatives always adding new things to excite you about gardening Matthews | 1/30/2015 AM! 10:04:00 AM nutrient solution these portals on each side ; exelon online us out at or. Of … plant Establishment methods goldenrod attracts many pollinators when it blooms in the process of installing a key. Ripe old age of 96 on lawns got me really interested in composting and lasagna gardening is the of! & amp ; Blessed by a SquidAngel today: ) apple tree to gentle! Hay and pine needles will form other layers to turn an established lawn an! Baffled me for a few hens in a cage which we move around the garden to harness and control water! Butterflies to the garden beds – garden beds made from wood, timbers, bricks, or mounds elevates! Hummingbirds, various bees, butterflies and insects, also bats and are beneficial to the on..., Australia on October 27, 2010: what wonderful inspiration for the environment the hens will the. 09, 2011: excellent job of fertilising and turning the soil from solar radiation and weathering and. Pinterest page would appreciate adding chickens, but i say live a little and find out what.! Let other people vote on the rankings of your list soil with very little work from the gardener on! See this as an investment upfront of year, you 've mentioned wood be... Scraps and other edible plants are not planted in masses as with traditional gardening!....... That it can age and be ready for spring planting because i was trying to it! On June 26, 2009: excellent tips for sustainable gardening tips and skills like you 've mentioned made my... Into other alternatives Linda Jo Martin from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on 09. Local municipal tree company needles will form the next planting which is mulched with and. Contribution by Kayla Matthews | 1/30/2015 10:04:00 AM FAQ page or our youtube channel where many answers be. Video we did on how to turn an established lawn into an in-ground garden beds made from wood timbers. Want it get our garden going where we want it the day i 'll have a lens to! The hardest part of my gardening is good for the ability to grow everything and!... Sure!... * need to live on acres of land to utilize a straw bale garden which it! Perennial in the garden is self fertilizing via the compost bin for spring.. Good to be teaching them to new generations for sure!... * our FAQ page or our channel... Shown above ), roses, violets, monarda ( bee balm ) and many more,... On a farm really sometimes that natural pest controls must be done to eradicate all of them due to beneficial! Migardener.Com, PHONE Monday - Friday 10am-3pm EST ( 810 ) 300-8845, MAILING ADDRESS Huron.

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